Email Fax

Why Fax to Email/Email to Fax?

  • Fax on to go. Receive and send faxes straight from your own email account.
  • Print out only the faxes that are important to you. Save on paper and supplies.
  • Stop spam (marketing) faxes. Just press the delete button upon receipt.
  • Fax storage - never lose an important document again.
  • Email Fax Services Comparison Chart
    Plan Reviewed
    Single User Fax 500 eFax Plus Best Value Personal
    Base Plan Pages
    500 500 150 / 150 500 300
    Overage Charges
    5.9¢ 10¢ 10¢
    Sending Users
    1 5
    Storage Limits
    No Limit
    200 faxes
    1 year
    30 days
    Keep Your Number
    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Free TollFree Opt.
    No Yes No Yes Yes
    Use My Machine
    Yes Yes No No No
    Setup Fee No No No No No
    Basic Plan
    $4.95 $6.59 $16.95 $10.00 $9.95
    Full Review Nextiva Review Ringcentral Review eFax Review MyFax Review RapidFax Review
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    Introduction to Online Fax

    Most people have heard that lovely screeching hum the fax machine gives off as it processes and sends a fax. When traditional facsimile, or fax, first became mainstream in the business setting, it was a huge hit. It was the first time individuals had the ability to transmit messages in such a clear and affordable way. Fast forward a few decades to the 21st century, and it’s a completely different story. Today, with all the advances in technology and the Internet, many people view fax as a thing of the past. The truth is that the ability to send a fax is still a necessary function of most legitimate businesses. Fax hasn’t gone by the wayside – it’s just changed its face. Today, email or Internet fax is one of the most popular trends in business.

    Internet fax is also known as online fax, virtual fax, email fax, and electronic fax. It is exactly as it sounds. It is the ability to send a fax through the World Wide Web. Instead of depending on a spotty telephone connection to transmit the fax, your computer harnesses the power of an Internet connection. The end result is faster, more succinct, and far easier.

    Why Email and Internet Fax

    Traditional fax machines can appear very dated and clunky. Some high-powered fax machines can be pretty pricey, while the affordable fax machines can be a bit slow and inefficient. For many businesses, dealing with the pain of a fax machine just isn’t an option. Transmitting a fax via email or the Internet completely eliminates the hassle of sending and receiving faxes by moving the entire transaction online. Many services will allow you to send and receive faxes all from the comfort of your email inbox.

    Every Business Needs a Fax Number

    Whether your business is virtual or brick and mortar, it’s still very important to have a fax number. In the past, telephone companies determined fax numbers and businesses had to purchase an additional line in order to reserve that number strictly for fax use. Even worse, companies or individuals who couldn’t afford a second line or choose not to have one had to disconnect their regular telephone lines and switch to fax whenever they wanted to send a fax. All of this can become very pricey and overly cumbersome.

    Many email to fax companies include a personalized fax number as part of your service plan and at a fraction of the price it would cost you to set up an additional line through your local telephone company.

    Email to Fax Services

    There are a whole host of companies offering email and Internet fax services. Whether you are a small, one-man operation, or a large corporation, there are email fax solutions designed for any size company. The great thing about email fax is the flexibility it offers the end user. You’ll want to thoroughly research email to fax companies and select one whose offerings and payment plan best suit your needs. Most companies provide packages for various levels of business.

    Believe it or not, some companies even offer free email to fax services. These services are much more basic in their offerings, but they are available nonetheless. In a day when you still have to pay up to $2 a page at some places to send a fax, free fax via email isn’t a bad deal at all.

    Paperless and Hassle-free

    If you’ve ever stood next to a fax machine, anticipating an important delivery or shuffling through a stack of soon-to-be faxed documents, you know what a hassle paper can be. If you’re looking to set up email and Internet fax services, it’s likely because you don’t want to deal with paper.

    The great thing about online fax is that your recipients and those sending you a fax will never know you don’t have a fax machine. No matter what method people use to send you a fax, thanks to the beauty of the Internet, faxes are delivered to you in the same consistent way every time.

    The reality is that there are still some businesses and industries that necessitate the regular usage of fax. There are many online solutions out there that ease the burden of sending and receiving faxes and seamlessly integrate into the technology of our every day lives.